Operating Systems and The Browser

TechCrunch reported early this week that Microsoft is “collapsing” and that Yahoo! needs to be purchased in order for them to stay afloat. Michael Arrington, the author, says that most Mac users and “early adopters” use the web browser as the primary use of the operating system.

There are a few things that I disagree with, in the article. For one thing, Microsoft is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Even in the operating system market, they've seen low adoption on Vista for business, they will still manage to fix the product that have many people against it. Basically, if they can roll out more improvements this year, they'll stay afloat. Microsoft also has its entertainment division (Xbox and Zune), its mobile operating system, which are doing okay.

The other problem is, I don't think the browser is the new operating system. Though a lot of communication is now done through the browser, people typically do have a preference on which operating system they use. My preference is Mac OS X, a result of my vehement hatred towards the above mentioned “collapsing” Windows Vista. I like OS X because it's very customizable and very standard.

But the internet is not a safe place by any stretch of the imagination: using the Google Docs web app to store spreadsheets regarding customer data is not safe, and requires a off browser appllication. There are also plenty of internet enabled applications like Digsby that communicate with the web that give you an off browser experience that seems cleaner (where is the Mac app?).

So people are still reliant on the operating system primarily, while I do see that there are some strides towards internet applications, some people and businesses require the offline functions that operating systems provide.

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