A Letter to SciFi Re: Battlestar Galactica Streaming Episodes

When I found out the season premiere episode of my favorite television show would show up on SciFi.com ten hours before it aired on proper television I was thrilled. The show: "Battlestar Galactica," a great piece of science fiction and character drama fused togehther. 

At about 12:03 PM that day, I had realized that the episode would be out. No problem, I said to myself as it was probably just a flash player that could be started any time throughout the hours leading up to the show. 

I was wrong. Luckily, 3 minutes isn't to big of a deal, as it usually is the previouslies" and maybe a minute of dialog that I had missed. The episode went without a problem, with the occasional commercial for "Iron Man" (which, by the way, I can't wait for it to come out-- the barrage of advertising will finally end) and Intel processors.

In the next 2 weeks, SciFi.com decided it would be a little more explicit about the details about how the streaming works. Now, of course, this was unexpected, as I didn't expect SciFi to go ahead and air each episode on the net 10 hours early. Yes, they warned, "One Time Only, starting at 12 P.M. No Pause, No Rewind, No Fastforward." 

One week later, the wording changed, adding the word "preview," but still came with the "No Pause" clarification. I thought it would be the same. Instead, about 20 minutes into the episode, and the third commercial break... the feed just stopped.  

The internet freaked out. Maybe the ending of the episode was so amazing that they couldn't show it early for fears of spoilers. The ending of this particular episode was no more surprising than the previous episode's surprise. 

That leads to this letter:

Dear SciFi,

I love your show "Battlestar Galactica." I know you love it too. You advertise it, you air marathons all of the time, you even showed episodes early.

And then you "frakked" over your fans. 

These kind of things make no sense to me. Is it really hard to clarify what "sneak peek," and "preview" means  to your viewers? Especially when I distinctly remember you saying "preview" for your full episode streams. 

Maybe you can make it up to me, and the fans, next week by putting the full episode up on the site? Or you can buy me dinner. That's cool, too. 

Thank You,
A Concerned Fan

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