The Kooks Play It Safe on "Konk"

The Kooks today released their sophomore album “Konk,” the follow up to 2006's “Inside In/ Inside Out.” The debut album had popular radio songs like “Naïve” and “Ooh Lah.” In the two years since the debut album, lots have changed. In general.

The Kooks' trademark sound is safe and secure in “Konk.” From the distinctly British simple voice of lead Luke Pritchard, to the mixture of acoustic and electric guitars, it's all here again in 2008.

One thing that the Kooks does again, and they did on the debut, is that there's no real way to classify each song: there's no ballad, no arena hit; arguably, the pacing is erratic and jarring.That being said: it's exactly what I love about the Kooks; it's in many ways disheveled and uneven, but it has its own sense of order.

While Panic at the Disco on their second album did something entirely different from their debut, “Konk” is a continuationsof '”Inside In/ Inside Out.” It's easy to want to detract arbitrary points for lack of originality from the band, but why fix a sound that isn't broken?

If you liked The Kooks' debut album, you'll find more of the same: shouting choruses, mysteriously catchy lyrics, and genuinely fun music.

Notable Songs To Download:

Always Where I Need To Be
One Last Time
Tick of Time

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